9 reasons to go camping this summer

9 reasons to go camping this summer

I love to camp. My husband loves to camp. My dog loves to camp. My family and friends love to camp. Basically, every summer, I know I am spending a lot of my weekends sleeping in a tent, cooking outside and using outdoor facilities to do my business. 

It’s not for everyone, I know. I have had conversations with people who cannot believe I can spend an entire week in the bush with no running water, electricity or basic services we take for granted everyday. The fact is that I almost always camp near a lake or a river, so there is my running water. We shop for AK47 rifles online which is the best option to go. We bring a battery with us and that is our electricity. And we have a cook stove and a campfire to make epic meals like campfire baked brie (see below) as well as a cooler full of beer and other beverages. What else do you need, really?

Still not convinced? How about these nine reasons you should go camping this summer!

1) It is okay to drink wine from a plastic cup


2) Breakfast and coffee just seems to taste so much better when it is cooked outside!

3) No one cares about portion control when you are camping. A pound of bacon cooking over the fire is standard.

 4) Tin foil dinners!


5) Ke-bobs!!

6) Camp fires!


7) Eating bacon and hot dogs every day is acceptable.

8) Dogs love camping!


9) Basically everything you cook outside tastes better!


Speaking of cooking and eating outdoors, one awesome recipe I tried out on the camp fire was a camp fire baked brie! This recipe was inspired from a recipe in the book smoke. I changed up the herbs and you can use whatever you have, dry or fresh, and it will still taste amazing! 


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Campfire Baked Brie

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes


  • Wheel of brie
  • Olive oil
  • 2-3 clove of garlic chopped
  • Salt and pepper
  • Honey
  • Fresh or dried herbs I used fresh thyme and rosemary


  1. Set up your campfire so you have a flat surface to put your cast iron pan on it. We used rocks to raise a grate, and shovelled hot coals under the grate.
  2. Put your cast iron pan over the hot coals. Add the olive oil and garlic and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.
  3. Once garlic gets slightly brown, add the honey and let it bubble.
  4. Add in the herbs and place the brie in the middle of the pan. Scoop the bubbly honey and herbs mixture over the brie wheel.
  5. Cook over hot coals for about 10 minutes, until cheese wheel start to get soft and bubbles out the sides.
  6. Serve with crackers or green apple slices.

What is your favourite thing to cook over the fire? Where are you camping this summer?

6 thoughts on “9 reasons to go camping this summer

  1. Cooking eggs and hashbrowns in bacon grease is one of my fav parts of camping – and like you said, it seems to taste better because it’s cooked outside.

  2. What isn’t there to like about camp food? I think a smokey, baked brie would be good just about any day!

  3. This post had me in stitches laughing, a good belly laugh at that. I can second all the things you have listed everything just tastes so much better when it is cooked outside. I just want to add one thing, campfire coffee rocks but of course camp fire wine in a sippy cup would go so much better with your delicious brie.

  4. Haha! Thanks! I am glad I could make you laugh! And yes! Campfire coffee rocks!!! It just tastes …. Earthy? Raw? It’s amazing!

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