Apothic Red Wine – California Blend

Apothic Red Wine – California Blend

Hi everyone!  Time for a red wine review!

Just want to say first off that I am not a sommelier but I drink quite a bit of wine; so the opinion I have of this wine may seem very juvenile and amateur, but it is from many attempts of trying various wines. In the winter months, I drink mostly red wines, and then in the summer I seem to switch to whites. So, you will see a switch very soon!

It can be hard for me to ‘taste’ wine, since it seems to go down my throat so fast, totally by-passing the taste buds on my tongue. But for the purpose of this post, I will make gallant effort in tasting the wine.

I will continue to practice, practice, practice tasting wines, because you know, practice makes perfect!

Today’s red wine is California’s Apothic Blend.

Apothic Red Wine

The Apothic red wine blend is from California and is a blend of Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

This wine is on the sweeter side, with the fruity flavours of raspberries and black cherries; with hints of chocolate/mocha. It has a smooth finish and is an easy wine to drink.

This is one of my favourite red wines right now. It is fairly inexpensive and is my choice almost every time I am in the liquor store (which seems to be way too often…)

I love this wine on it’s own, or try it with a sharp cheddar, a juicy burger or pasta.

If you do not drink wine, but you want to start; I recommend this red wine for starting out because of it’s smoothness and fruitiness.

What is your favourite red wine?

Let me know if you try this wine and taste the same flavours I did!  Or let me know what wine I should be tasting! Or just your thoughts in general! 🙂

One thought on “Apothic Red Wine – California Blend

  1. It’s great tasting a apothic red wine in California – the best wine that will suite your taste. A glass of Apothic can revive your sleeping cells and make you feel much more energized. Pairing this great wine with their California delicacies will be fantastic.

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