Beer, cider and a cooler to enjoy this summer!

Beer, cider and a cooler to enjoy this summer!

For the past week my husband and I have been doing a lot of yard work; and with yard work, for us, comes a decent amount of beer drinking! We continually like to try new beers and other drinks and this post will showcase a bit of a mix-mash of some beer, a cider and a cooler. This summer I am going to have a lot of yard work projects and thus a lot of summer beer drinking!

The first beer I want to share is Big Rock Brewery‘s Cracked Pepper Wheat Beer. Have you ever had Big Rock’s Grasshopper beer? Well this is like that with a little spice. It smells a little of pepper spice as well. I am a fan of wheat beers – I think they are the perfect summer beer – and Grasshopper is actually one of my staple wheat beers; so I enjoy this little spiced spin on the wheat beer.  

SummerOkay, so I guess I drink a lot of Big Rock beer! They are in Calgary, so it makes sense that our liquor stores are stocked well with their beers! This one is a Dunkelweizen. This is a dark wheat beer and smells like a grainy wheat and caramel malt, some banana and a touch of cocoa. It tastes bready (is that a word?) and has caramel, mocha and banana flavours. My Dunkel go-to beer is the Erdinger, but this is a cheaper version of it that gets by for me. 


Angry Orchard Cider is a hard apple cider that has a crisp apple taste. Some people have even compared it to the green apple Jolly Rancher so, yes, it is sweet as well. I think it tastes a lot like apple juice, just like you would right out of the fridge for breakfast. It’s easy to drink because of it’s sweetness and crispness. It is very refreshing and basically is perfect for a hot summer day. When I drink cider, which is not that often anymore, I will grab Angry Orchard now. I was looking on their website and noticed they have a variety pack that includes their crisp apple, apple ginger (yes please!), green apple and a rotating seasonal style which right now is summer honey. I need to find this variety pack, if not only for that apple ginger cider!


I am not a fan of coolers; they are usually full of sugar (like the ciders) and I find them way too sweet to really enjoy more than one. But when I saw this Bacardi Breezer Pineapple flavoured Coconut Water Breezer, I was intrigued. It is made with coconut water and they have another one that is coconut flavoured. The one I tried tasted like coconut water and pineapple, exactly what it is, and I didn’t find it too sweet. Still not really my thing, but I figured it was worth trying. You may or may not find it in my cooler this summer. 🙂


This weekend we are rebuilding part of our fence; and when people rebuild fences, they provide food and drink! So get ready for a blog post of a bit of food and drink and maybe even some before and after shots of the fence!

Also I am still building that A-Z vegetable list – it’s becoming a larger project than I anticipated! My problem is that I can’t seem to settle on one vegetable per letter of the alphabet! But fear not, it will come; and before summer in time for prime vegetable season!

What are you doing this weekend? Do you like sweet drinks like ciders and coolers? If you were building a fence with people, what would you feed those people? 

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