Beer Review: Raspberry, IPA and Wheat Ale

Beer Review: Raspberry, IPA and Wheat Ale

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A lot of new beers are available now that it is getting close to summer. The dark winter spicy ales like pumpkin beer are slowly coming off the shelves and being replaced with radlers, IPAs, wheat ales, whites and other fruity beers. Every time I go into a liquor store I seem to pick up at least one fruity type of beer because I am pretty sure they are my favourite kind of beer. Of course I continue to try others, just in case there is another favourite beer out there. Toughest part of this blog, really, is trying new beers…. said no one ever. Recently I picked up a raspberry beer by Brewsters


River City Raspberry Ale, by Brewsters

Appearance (A) – yellow with a pinkish hue, clear and light head.

Smell (S) – fruity, sweet like honey and yeasty.

Taste (T) – crisp and fruity and the smell lives up to the taste with sweet honey flavours and a slight grainy and hoppy bitterness at the end. 

Mouthfeel (M) – fizzy and bubbly with good carbonation, light with a lingering raspberry tone. 

Overall (O) – overall an easy-to-drink beer, especially on a hot day as it is incredibly refreshing. The subtle raspberry undertones balance nicely with the bitter hops. We have bought this beer twice now (in the last week!) and I know there will be more in my fridge throughout the summer. 

The next beer is a wheat ale by Big Rock Brewing. I am pretty sure Big Rock comes out with a new beer weekly; okay maybe not that often, but every time we are in the liquor store I seem to find a new brew by them! 


Wai-iti Wheat Ale, by Big Rock Brewing

Appearance (A) – golden and hazy with a foam head that sticks around.

Smell (S) – a citrus and grainy scent with some malts.

Taste (T) – citrus and bready, just as it smells with a bitter perfumed and herbal hops flavour

Mouthfeel (M) – crisp and frothy with fruity hops.

Overall (O) – my overall take of this beer is that I can have just one. As I am still experimenting with the bitter hoppy beers, this one challenged my trail and error process. The beer is a wheaty and bready brew with a nice balance of citrus and hops; but for me, for now, one was enough.

The last beer I am reviewing is a beer that was at the “Taste of Spruce Grove”, part of the Life and Leisure Expo, May 23-24. There were a couple stations of wine, spirits and coolers, but my husband and I headed straight for the beer tasting. Of the four beers we sampled, this was the one that we went to Liquor on McLeod immediately after the expo, to purchase. 



Evil Twin Red IPA by Heretic Brewing 

Appearance (A) – deep dark red colour with a head with lacing and retention.

Smell (S) – earthy and citrus scents with a caramel fragrances.

Taste (T) – moderate hoppy bitterness, earthy and citrus essences and a rich malty caramel flavour.

Mouthfeel (M) – velvety mouth feel

Overall (O) – overall a great rich strong beer with a good balance of hops. The smell of the beer matched the taste with the caramel velvety  and citrus earthy flavours. A really good beer I am glad we stumbled upon! 

What do you like more – IPAs, wheat ales or fruity beers? Do you stumble upon beer tasting events in your home town?

2 thoughts on “Beer Review: Raspberry, IPA and Wheat Ale

  1. Raspberry (and blueberry) beers are some of my favorite! I order a blueberry beer and the restaurant put blueberries in the beer…what are your thoughts on that? I had a hard time figuring out if it really enhanced the beer’s flavor or just made it look more interesting.

    1. I don’t personally think it enhances the beer but yes makes it look interesting and pretty!! I haven’t had blueberry beer! I must find and try one!!

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