Beer, Wine and Burgers

Beer, Wine and Burgers

Now that it is spring and the weather is getting nicer, I am finding myself drinking more beers outside in the sun. I am getting a bit behind on posting all the beers I have tried, so I am going to catch-up a little here!

The first beer I will share is a Russell Brewing Beer, made in British Columbia, called IP’eh!
If you like the hoppy, bitter beers, then this is for you! I am not typically an IPA fan, but this beer was different. Or maybe I am gaining a tolerance to the IPAs. I actually enjoyed this hoppy beer and found it very refreshing. It didn’t seem to leave that strong after taste in my mouth that I usually find with IPAs. It is very drinkable and a clean beer. If you are starting to experiment with the IPAs, like I am, I would recommend this one!


The next one is one of my favourites. (yeah, I know – I have a lot of favourite beers!) My husband stumbled upon this beer and we pick it up often! It’s the Dead Frog Pepper Lime Lager! Of course as soon I see that it is lime, I am buying it! The lime and pepper flavours are mild, so if you are a bit wary, don’t worry. It is a lager, so it is a clear beer with not a lot of hops or bitter tastes. The flavours really remind me of drinking on a hot summer day. Could be because I have enjoyed a few of these on hot summer days… Dead Frog also has a Nut Brown Ale that I had over the winter that is really good. It has a lot of flavour with hints of coffee, chocolate and nuts coming through nicely. I found this beer when I was in Invermere, BC and I haven’t seen it since.


Next is yet another BC beer – Elsinore Pilsner from Phillips Brewing. I can’t say that I ever see the word ‘Pilsner’ and instantly want to buy that kind of beer. I tend to trend towards the wits and brown ales – but this one was surprisingly good! Elsinore has a nice malt and hops balance and was quite nice. When I was looking at their website I am intrigued by a few of their other beers and have to set myself up to try some such as the Amnesiac, double IPA. I am sure it will be super hoppy and bitter!


Now onto a wine! For my birthday I received a lot of wine as gifts! (yahoo!) And a few of them are new wines for me, so I will be able to share them! I did get a few bottles of my favourite wine – Apothic – that’s a win for sure!

I opened up a bottle of Delta Landing Zinfandel. There are a few Zinfandel’s out there that I really enjoy! This one is now added to my list! The wine is a medium bodied, smooth and easy drinking wine. It is juicy with intense flavours of cherries and raspberries. The best part of this wine, is that it came as a gift with The Swirl – so I had to try them out together! I didn’t taste the wine before using The Swirl, so I can’t say if it made a difference, but it sure was fun to use!

WineBirthday present – The Swirl – Glass Wine Scent and Flavour Enhancer


Okay, now we move right along into burgers. We went to Soda Jerks last week. We have been there a few times before. My favourite part is that you can build your own burger, adding on as many (or as few) toppings as you want! Usually that’s what I do – but this time I changed it up and ordered the Buba Burger – basically a pyrogy burger! And oh wow, this was a great burger! Not on the “losing weight plan” by any means, but a definite worth while treat! The pretzel bun was so soft and delicious and then biting into a fresh ground chuck burger topped with bacon, sour cream and a couple pyrogies made this a win for me! I am planning on recreating this burger myself, and hopefully downsize on the calories a bit – because I feel like I need to eat this more often!


My husband ordered the M*Rib burger. The burger is a pork rib burger with root beer BBQ sauce and pickles. I can’t really say much since I didn’t try it but my husband said it was okay – the pork rib was a little dry – and next time he would try it again – and there is no need for me to find a way to recreate it in a bit of a healthier version. So I guess that’s that! The poutine, however, was great with thick fries, cheese curds and a nice salty dark gravy!


That’s it! That’s the beer, wine and burgers that I have to share today! I feel good about getting a bit caught up on the beer reviews! Maybe I should slow down on the beer tasting!? Nah!

Coming up on the blog:

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  • A-Z vegetable list – with recipes, tips and more
  • More beer, wine and coffee!

Do you like hoppy beers like IPAs? Have you been to Soda Jerks? Are you drinking lots of interesting beers in this nice weather? 

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