Coffee, beers and a highball!

Coffee, beers and a highball!

Coffee, beers and a highball – that’s a lot of drink! Here’s the thing – I have realized that I drink a lot more than I eat…and one drink post a week is just not enough…I am getting backed up with drink reviews – so today I bring to you a few different beverage reviews; one coffee, a couple beers and a highball.

This week I tried a new coffee bean that I ordered online: Barefoot Yirgacheffe Kochere Coffee from Ethiopia and roasted in California. The write up on the bag says it “explodes with bright notes of honeydew melon and mandarine orange…” Before I read this I had a cup and the first thing I said was “It tastes fruity!”  I prefer a more bold, strong coffee with more spice undertones, however this fruity cup of joe was really smooth and easy to drink and my husband really enjoyed it. We are now done this bag of beans and onto another bag of barefoot that I will let you know how it is!

Coffee, beers and a highball!

My husband and I stopped in at Sherbrooke Liquor Store and kind of went crazy, spending way to much. (Note – if you haven’t been to this store, you should – it’s kind of amazing. If you don’t live in or near Edmonton, then I am sorry and hope you have an awesome liquor store in your local area!)

We love to try different beers and we bought quite a few new ones to test out. One that we grabbed was tucked way back in a corner with a little sign saying “Hidden Gem”, a large bottle of beer called Elysian Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale. Not only did the “Hidden Gem” sign intrigue me, but the fact that it was a blood orange beer made it a must try for me. If you know me you know that I am a sucker for anything citrus. (Hence the Citrus Spring Salad!) This beer does have it’s citrus undertones, and it is an unfiltered beer so it pours cloudy. Because it is a pale ale it has that hoppy bitter after taste, which is not my favourite thing; and even thought it has a feint citrus flavour, I was hoping for more blood orange flavours to come through. All in all it was a decent beer, and if I were forced to give it a rating I would say 7/10. Some of that rating was for the rad bottle design!

Coffee, beers and a highball!

Next up is one of my favourite beers! If you like dark beers, try the Erdinger Dunkel; it is my favourite malty dark beer. It is a dark wheat beer with full flavour with some hints of coffee, and is smooth and creamy to finish! If you don’t like really strong beers, or are just starting out trying different beers, try this one. Beer advocates often give the Erdinger Dunkel a low rating, saying that it is just a boring beer; but I still love the malty, richness, somewhat bready taste to it . This was one of the first darker beers I have ever tried, so that is probably why I still love it so much.

Coffee, beers and a highball!

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I just went a little crazy at The Silk Road in Edmonton, and bought WAY too many spices. Within my spice adventure, I picked up a bottle of Cardamom Orange Porter’s Tonic Syrup. I loved the fact that this setup was 1) local (made in Calgary!); and 2) is made with orange (citrus!!) and cardamom! As soon as I got home I immediately mixed myself up a drink with this – see my little recipe below. You can really taste the orange and then hints of the cardamom goes so well.  The drink is so refreshing; I am looking forward to hot summer days with a few of these mixed for me! Porter’s Tonic also has a grapefruit, which I am pretty sure I also need.

1 ounce vodka
1 ounce Porter’s Tonic Syrup, Cardamom Orange
Orange Sparkling Water (I use PC Blue Menu’s)

1) Put ice into a tumbler. Add in vodka and tonic syrup. Top up with sparkling water. Mix well with a stir stick. Enjoy!

Coffee, beers and a highball!

I hope you enjoyed coffee, beers and a highball!
Do you like dark strong coffee or the lighter fruity flavours? What is your beer of choice? Do you have a drink you think I should try?

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