How to cut an avocado!!

How to cut an avocado!!

I love avocados. I have a lot of favourite foods. Limes, or anything citrus. Pasta. Cheese. Bread. Potato Chips. Nuts. I could go on and on! But today is just about the avocado. I seriously think I should be living somewhere else, like California, since avocados can be $1.50 – $2.00 each here! Each! An expensive habit at times! But a good habit as there are a lot of health benefits for avocados ~ they are high in heart healthy monounsaturated fats ~ these are really good fats that your body needs! They also have a lot of fibre (about 7 grams for one avocado) and fibre is really good for your digestive health! They also have approximately 4 grams of protein which is pretty high for a fruit! So hurry up and grab one and cut it up with me so you can get it in your belly now! (Nutrition Facts based on Authority Nutrition)

When I started eating them I had no idea how to cut them. I would cut whatever way I could get into them and basically scoop everything out around the seed – missing part of the inside goodness at times. Then I figured out an easier and more productive way to get into them!

How to cut an Avocado

1) Grab a ripe avocado. They are ripe when they are dark green, almost black and soft to touch.



2) Using a sharp knife, cut it lengthways, and roll it along the knife until it is cut all the way around. Careful here to not slip and cut through into your hand!



3) Once cut all the way around, simply twist the top from the bottom and voila, you have two halves!



4) Now to get the seed out. Grab your knife and basically just give the knife one chop against the seed until it sticks into it, and then give the knife stuck in the seed a quick twist and pull up.


The seed should come out easily and be stuck to your knife!



Now enjoy that avocado and all it’s health benefits however you want! Try one these recipes for something other than guacamole: 

Campfire baked avocado

Avocado dip

Mexican casserole

Add to a salad

Add to a burger

Put it on a taco


Is this how you already cut an avocado or do you have a different way? What is your favourite way to use avocado?


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