July Craft Beer Review

July Craft Beer Review

Summer beers are out in full force with hefeweizens and witbiers, IPAs, and now I find new sour beers everywhere. My July Craft Beer Review is shorter than my usual beer reviews. I wrote a huge review of 12 beers in the June Craft Beer Review, so I thought I would give you a little reading break! So with that being said, here is my July Craft Beer Review; a review of four very different beers. All can be enjoyed during any of the summer weather you get, even if it is a rainy day or a steaming hot one. 

July Craft Beer

July Craft Beer Review

Freestone Summer Ale, Bowen Island Brewing, Alberta 

5% alc./vol. This beer is part of a craft beer mix pack from Alberta’s Bowen Island Brewery.

A – the pour is a hazy, copper yellow colour with a lot of foamy head hat dissipates into a thin bubbly line

S – definite smells of peaches and apricots as well as wheaty and bready notes

T – taste a lot like the smell with stone fruits, peach and apricot; yeasty and bready

M – good carbonation, a little on the heavier side, strong peach aftertaste

O – very fruity and refreshing; a good wheat beer with the stone fruits dominating most of the flavour

July Craft Beer

Bombardier Glorious English, Charles Wells Brewing, UK

4.7% alc./vol. An English creation that is meant to be savoured. 

A – dark clear caramel pour, foamy head that turns into a thin lacy line

S – caramels, chocolate, herbal/grassy hops, some citrus

T – malty caramel sweetness with light bitter herbal hops and some breadiness

M – medium bodied with medium carbonation, smooth, creamy and sweet

O – a really nice dark beer that has lots of sweet maltiness; the type of beer perfect on a summer rainy day

July Craft Beer

Charles Henri Blanche Belge, Brassiere Les 2 Freres, Quebec

5.1% alc./vol. A wheat beer brewed from Quebec that just won bronze for Best of Canada at the Canadian International Beer Awards

A – a hazy, straw colour pour with fluffy foamy head that sticks around for a while

S – grainy and malty notes, with coriander, some other spices and stone fruits

T – lemon and orange peels, more coriander, floral hops 

M – good carbonation, medium bodied and refreshing 

O – a really good choice on a hot summer day; refreshing and fresh tasting with lots of nice citrus and coriander

July Craft Beer

Cowbell Kettle Sour, Wild Rose Brewing, Alberta

4.5% alc./vol. Sour beers are hitting the shelves and this one is one that I could see myself having more than one without developing a canker sore! 

A – a hazy, golden yellow pour, not much head to speak of

S – citrus, floral and herbal hops, a salty smell

T – lime rind, saltiness, mild herbal hops

M – low carbonation (nearly flat), sour and tart, medium bodied

O – ice cold on a really hot summer day, this beer will go down fast and in high quantities. What we need is more cowbell! I’ve had other sour beers that I could barely finish without puckering right up, but this one is balanced quite nicely. If you are experimenting with the sour beers, give this one a try! 

July Craft Beer

There you have four very different beers to try out this summer! If you are looking for more beer reviews, check out the previous reviews I’ve done this year: 







What’s your favourite beer to drink on a rainy day or sweltering hot day?!

July Craft Beer

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