Orange Liqueur, Beer, Coffee, Wine and a Freebie!

Orange Liqueur, Beer, Coffee, Wine and a Freebie!

I have a lot to write about today. I finished my orange liqueur and have been trying different beers, wine and coffee and I need to share! Also there is a freebie available to you if you subscribe!

Early April I started a batch of homemade orange liqueur. Check it out here! This is part two of that process, so let’s do a recap. I took four oranges and peeled them ever so slightly so I only got the orange and left the white pith behind. Then I added some sugar and mashed the peels and sugar around. I put my peel/sugar mixture into a glass jar, added some vanilla bean, vodka and brandy and let it sit for 20 days. And here we are – and the next step very easy!!!

Orange Liqueur, Part II

– Take the glass jar of peels and mixture, and strain into a bowl, using a colander and discard the orange peels.
– Stir 1 cup of sugar with 2 cups of water in a sauce pan and heat over medium-high heat until the sugar has dissolved. This is a “simple syrup”
 – Let the simple syrup cool completely. While the syrup is cooling, take your strained orange liqueur and strain again through a coffee filter 2 – 3 times, until the orange liqueur is coming through clear. 
– Add the cooled simple syrup to the orange liqueur and mix. Pour mixture into a glass bottle, refrigerate and store for a up to a year! If it lasts that long, that is!!

I haven’t tried my orange liqueur yet – I am waiting to try it and the Coffee Liqueur I made in the same post, next weekend when I go camping! (Half excited and half panic because it just snowed this week [a.k.a. a blizzard!] and I haven’t turned my garage from winter mode into summer mode yet [i.e. everything is crammed in every corner possible… where is my tent? where is my tarp? I have no idea….] )


A review of Village Blacksmith, Alberta Black Ale! I recently learned a little about tasting beers. If you are interested in tasting beers I created a cheat sheet on how to do it! Subscribe with your email address and I will send you the cheat sheet FREE! Who doesn’t love freebie’s? 

The Alberta Black Beer has a dark colouring to it, almost looking like cola. It has a slight malt smell and tastes of coffee. It is smooth, even though it has the bitter coffee taste. Overall it is a win for me in the porter/dark beer selection! 

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I recently went to Carbon Environmental Boutique in Edmonton with my friend and she suggested I try a coffee they sell. The coffee is by Catfish Coffee Roasters and I picked up their SuckerPunch blend. This is a dark and smooth coffee. The smell and taste is amazing! The beans are a bit oily, so if you are worried about grinding beans in an expensive grinder… then I might opt out of this brand, but our coffee maker is old and on it’s last legs… and the coffee is absolutely worth it! I will be buying again!










This is a wine that I have tried many, many times! Cupcake Red Velvet wine is one of my favourite wines, along with Apothic Red. The California wine is a red blend of Zinfandel, Merlot and Petite Sirah. It is extremely easy to drink (like way too easy) and is fruity and chocolatey with a smooth silky finish. If you are interested in wine tasting, Cupcake posts all of the tasting notes including Red Velvet’s!









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