Coffee – Sumatra or Italian Blend?

Coffee – Sumatra or Italian Blend?

I love coffee. You may think I love craft beer from all the beers reviews I do, and I assure you – I do love craft beer; but java… I have a different relationship with.

I have been drinking coffee since my early teens, something I couldn’t obviously do with beer, so right there my relationship with coffee is longer. Also, I can drink coffee first thing in the morning; in fact, it’s kind of the point! I start every day with a cup (or two) of joe, made with fresh ground beans. On the weekends I get up earlier than my husband, so instead of brewing a full pot, I make a single serve from our Keurig machine. Yes, we are a household who needs two types of coffee makers. Three if you count the french press we seldom use, and four if you count the backpacking espresso maker we bring along with us on camping trips.

Then during the week, in the mid-morning, I set out with friends from work for a small walk to grab another cup of brew from Starbucks…usually an Americano for me. If it’s the weekend, another k-cup is popped into the Keurig a few times throughout the day. And then around 2 pm I cut myself off from the caffeine for the day, otherwise I am not sure I would ever sleep!

I drink my coffee black most of the time. Around Christmastime I will add in a bit of light egg nog to make it festive, and if it is in the evening (and I am not worried about sleep) I have been known to add in some Bailey’s, Amaretto or other tasty liqueur. But for the most part, black coffee is the way for me!


I received two flavours of Faro Roasting House’s Keurig coffees from JavaFly Coffee Co. to compare and review.  I decided on the Sumatra Mandheling and Italian Blend to compare and I enlisted in my husband to help out as well! We are at a difference of opinion on which we like better – the Sumatra or Italian blend. 

Sumatra Mandheling Coffee

The Sumatra smelled earthy and woody. It isn’t very bitter at all and is quite delicate and smooth. When it poured into my cup the colour was a bit watered down looking, with some reddish/orange hints to it. It wasn’t as full bodied and strong tasting as I usually like, but was easy to drink. If you like a smoother flavour or you are testing the waters by trying to start drinking black coffee, this one would be a good one to begin with. Sumatra is the favourite of the two for my husband. In fact, he almost drank it all on me before I was able to write my review! Coffee

Italian Blend Coffee

The Italian blend was my favourite of the two. It smelled sweeter than the Sumatra and had a more full bodied taste to it. It poured a dark, rich brown colour and even though it was more bitter, it was still smooth; it is bold and rich with some sweet vanilla finishing notes. 


More about Java Fly: JavaFly has a passion for good coffee and specializes in single serving portion packs, bringing affordable coffee to all the java lovers out there!

More about the roasters:  Faro Roasting House was founded over 30 years ago in 1982. Faro does single-origin and direct trade coffees and they have distinctive flavours of their own creation as well as industry classics. 


Do you have a love affair with coffee?


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by JavaFly Coffee Co. in which I have been compensated with product. All opinions are my own. 

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