Taste Test of 3 Hefeweizen Beers

Taste Test of 3 Hefeweizen Beers

I really like hefeweizen beers. For those of you who aren’t sure what I am referring to, a hefeweizen beer (a.k.a. hefe-beer) is a wheat beer that is in its traditional unfiltered form. Because they are unfiltered, they are typically cloudy looking and golden-yellow in colour. They are great summer beers! 

On a regular visit to the liquor store to see what is new and exciting, I stumbled across a case with a variety of hefe-beers and HAD to buy and try and share my findings with you! So, back to the ultimate beer tasting guide I previously posted!

Okanagan Springs Sample Pack of Hefe-Beers


Ginger Hefe

A – pours golden and hazy with light head

S – smells very strongly like ginger

T – tastes strongly like ginger as well; takes over the beer

M – light carbonation with a ginger bite

O – overall a ginger beer more than a hefeweizen


Lime Hefe

A – pours golden and hazy with very light head

S – smells wheaty like a hefe should, with a strong sour lime smell

T – the lime really comes through in the taste; acidic and sour tasting with floral hops

M – bubbly, a bit like pop

O – the sour acidic lime flavour kind of takes over the beer a little; refreshing still and went down nicely on a hot summer day


Sonder Hefe

A – cloudy, golden pour with a frothy foam that doesn’t linger long

S – smells of banana bread, yeasty and some spice

T – tastes bready and of banana and citrus flavours

M – bubbly and frothy, smooth and lingering banana

O – my favourite of the three! This one really resembled a hefe beer and was quite refreshing and easy to drink

Do you like wheat beers? What is a good food pairing for wheat beers? 

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