The Beersar and the 50th Anniversary of the Caesar

The Beersar and the 50th Anniversary of the Caesar

Being a Canadian, I am very familiar with the Caesar cocktail. It’s a cocktail that I enjoy all year round; in the winter months its spiciness can warm me up, and in the hot summer sun on the patio, they go down like water. This year is the 50th anniversary of the national cocktail, invented in Calgary in 1969! I am excited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Caesar by creating a Beersar!

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Caesar, of course, I had to create a Caesar; but because I made a Caesar before on Chews and Brews, I thought I would switch it up by making a Beersar. This is where, instead of typical vodka, I am using a lager beer. Then I am loading it up with some tasty treats like pickled asparagus and beans, like these from Matt & Steve. I like their products and use them often for making Caesars.


The beer I am using is a local Alberta beer from Ribstone Creek Brewery. This recipe is easy to recreate, so celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Caesar with me – create and enjoy this Beersar yourself! If beer isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy the classic vodka Caesar or switch it up using gin or tequila!

Happy 50th Anniversary Caesar!

The Brewery

Ribstone Creek Brewery is located in Edgerton, Alberta, a small village of about 400 people! It is located in an old tractor dealership, renovated into a brewery that has been creating award-winning beers since the fall of 2012. When making a Beersar I like to use a lager and Ribstone Creek has a lager as one of their mainstay beers. Find out more about their story and their beers on their websiteFacebookTwitter, or Instagram.


The Beer

The Ribstone Creek Lager is a simple choice for creating a Beersar. When you make a Beersar you don’t want a strong-tasting beer and you want it to be a light-coloured beer. (don’t use a DIPA or a stout). This lager pours a clear golden yellow with a foamy white head that leaves a little lace as it recedes. It smells of pale malt, bread, sweetness. The taste is of doughy, bready sweet pale malt, some light fruitiness, apple, and mild floral hops. The mouthfeel is light, soft, and pillowy. It is light-bodied with mild carbonation and has an off-dry and sweet finish. Ribstone Creek’s Lager is refreshing and smooth and works perfectly in the Beersar to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Caesar!

The Recipe



  • Lime juice for rimming and 1 tsp for the cocktail
  • Caesar Rimmer
  • Ice (I like lots)
  • 2 tsp Worchestershire sauce
  • 2 tsp Pickle brine
  • Tabasco Sauce, a couple drops
  • 1/2 355 mL can Lager beer
  • Mott’s Clamato Juice, to top up
  • 2-4 Pickled Beans and Asparagus


  1. Pour lime juice on a plate and pour some Caesar Rimmer on another plate. Moisten a glass with the lime juice and then dunk into the Caesar Rimmer to rim the glass.

  2. Fill glass with ice. Add in Worcestershire sauce, pickle brine, lime juice, and tabasco sauce. 

  3. Slowly add in about ½ can of lager beer (fill the glass to about ¾ full). Slowly stir to mix beer with the spices. Top up with Mott’s Clamato juice. Garnish with pickled beans and Asparagus.

  4. Enjoy a Beersar for the 50th Anniversary of the Caesar! 

Recipe Notes

I like Matt & Steve’s products, so that’s what I used for my Caesar rimmer, pickle brine, and pickled beans and asparagus. Feel free to use any brand, or better yet, homemade! 

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