The Fence! And beans, burgers and beer!

The Fence! And beans, burgers and beer!

Last weekend we built a new fence. We had an old rickety fence where the neighbour dogs kept finding their way through the bottom by digging and breaking the fence. It was about a 5 foot fence with large gaps in it, so there was no privacy. So it was time for a new, strong, tall, gap-less fence. We went with a brown pressure treated wood, staggered the boards so there are no gaps and went over 6 feet high – and we love our new fence! We had a lot of help from family and friends and we really needed that help! We have never built a fence before and we aren’t carpenters – so the help and advice we received truly was priceless!

When we have people over to help us out, it’s only natural to provide some food and drink! I wanted something different than the regular pizza and wings so I started off making some crock-pot “cheat” beans. I took some canned maple beans and added bacon, onion, Worcestershire sauce and dijon mustard. 


I put everything into the crock-pot for about 4 hours on low, and they tasted like homemade beans! This was our dinner after a hard day of cementing and putting poles in. 

Sunday was the day we installed the fence boards, lower stringers and built the gate. For some quick and tasty eats, I bought some burgers with all the fixings, potato salad, coleslaw and potato chips. The burgers I bought were awesome and I am going to be buying this Compliments brand again! 



Then to wash all this food down I had plenty of pop and beer available. One beer that I enjoyed myself was the Easy Radler by Bowen Island Brewery. This beer is low in alcohol (3.2%) but has a refreshing lemon taste. It is sweet and fruity and went well with burgers and fence building!


Now onto the feature – the fence! Here is a little slide show where you can see the before and after pictures! 

We have a few more projects to complete in the yard this spring and then we are set for camping for the summer!! 

Upcoming on the blog: 

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  • Mother’s Day/Mom’s Birthday Brunch
  • Cinco De Mayo Food
  • Camping Food

Do you like homemade baked beans? How about “cheat” baked beans? Have you ever built a fence?

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