Tinhorn Creek Wine and a few beers

Tinhorn Creek Wine and a few beers

Hi there! Here I have a wine review and a few reviews of some recent beers I have tried. My parents recently took a little vacation in the Okanagan and brought my husband and I back a bottle of Gewurtztraminer Tinhorn Creek wine.

My husband and I had our first Gewurtztraminer when we were wine touring in the Okanagan in 2007. We really had no idea what we were doing (not that we really do now) when we walked into a little winery in southern British Columbia. We knew some basics, like whites go with chicken and reds go with steak, or so we thought. The winery owner behind the counter changed that for us. He told us that the best steak he ever had was with a glass of Gewurtztraminer. Come again? First, I didn’t even understand the word he was saying – Guh-Voortz-Truh-Mee-Ner? Second, was this experienced winery owner suggesting we have a steak with a white wine? And then we tasted the wine; we were sold instantly and I have been buying Gewurtztraminer ever since! Then my parents came back from the Okanagan with a bottle of Tinhorn Creek wine for us! I was stoked! 

This wine is bright, crisp and fruity. It would be great with a steak or a spicy meal like a chicken curry. It is very refreshing, smooth and has citrus scents and flavours. Gewurtztraminer is one of my favourite summer white wines; thanks mom and dad for bringing us a bottle! 

Tinhorn Creek Wine 

Everyone probably knows by now, I am sure, that I love beer and love to try new and different beers. Recently I picked up an assortment 12 pack of Parallel 49 beer; every beer in the case was different! Now I am definitely behind in my beer reviews! Instead of reviewing all 12 beers, I have decided to share just my favourite from that assortment box. 

Surprisingly my favourite was a dark beer. Not that I don’t like dark beers – I really do – it’s just that usually they aren’t my favourite. This beer though, I could have drank all night long. Les Portes Du Penitencier – Black Table Saison by Parallel 49 Brewing Company, in collaboration with Townsite Brewing

A – appearance – black, thick, dark with foamy brown head. 

S – smell – malty, coffee, caramel.

T – taste – a lot like the smell – roasted coffee, malty caramel, molasses, rich and smooth. 

M – mouthfeel – light carbonation, smooth, yet thick.

O – overall – smooth and rich easy drinking beer. One of the first dark beers that I felt like I could handle drinking more than one. 

Tinhorn Creek Wine

Next up! Another Parallel 49 beer, from a different case (a six-pack of assorted IPAs). If you like the hoppy beer, then you will really enjoy this. They weren’t kidding when they called it a filthy dirty IPA. 

A – appearance – cloudy, light amber coloured, white head. 

S – smell – citrus and hops.

T – taste – tastes very strong of hops, lots of bitterness, lots of aftertaste, herbal and perfumed hops. Have I mentioned hops?

M – mouthfeel – medium carbonation with bitter taste and bitter aftertaste. 

O – overall – not one of my favourites. I am still working on getting used to IPAs, but this one was a little too much for me. It pretty much kicked me in the mouth while drinking and for a long while after. As I said earlier, if you are lover of strong hops, this is a great beer for you to try! 

Tinhorn Creek Wine

And last but not least, a Cream Ale by Mt. Begbie Brewing. This is the first time I have tried Mt. Begbie and I bought it as a single large bottle which I shared with my husband. 

A – appearance – clear golden colour, with a really light white head. 

S – smell – sweet honey and caramel, citrus, yeast.

T – taste – citrus and honey with a nice balance of hops and malt. 

M – mouthfeel – creamy with light carbonation. 

O – overall – a nice smooth, creamy beer with a great balance of malt and hops.

Tinhorn Creek Wine

Did you notice that everything in this post is from B.C.? Are you a lover of Gewurtztraminer like I am? Would you drink a white wine with a steak?

2 thoughts on “Tinhorn Creek Wine and a few beers

  1. That black table saison sounds pretty interesting! I love saison and had a great one in Portland last week (a Super Saison, clocking in at a whopping 9.5% alcohol!). RE: IPAs, they are ALL the rage in the U.S., as I’m sure you know, and it’s common to find double and triple IPAs with enough IBUs (International bitter units) to blow your mind. If you ever come to the U.S., you’ll have to check out the beer scene in Colorado! And the mountains, of course.

  2. Wow 9.5%! That would be a saison I could only have one of!
    Yeah IPAs are all the rage here too – probably why I am trying to learn to tolerate them! Haha! If I could, I would love to travel all over North America, checking out the beer and food scenes! This summer I am going to New Orleans, so I am going to have a lot of fun checking everything out there! 🙂

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